I'm Marc. I'm a tech enthuasiast, developer of many (unfinished) projects and part of the e-mobility community.

Projects I'm working on


Howlycoin is a small project of friends who have been working with the CS:GO economy and decided to clean up the "Free Skins" scene. Due to many websites that offer such a service but exploit, rip off and simply cheat their users, we are taking action against this and offer you the option to get free CS:GO skins from a reputable provider based in Germany (Cologne) with a transparent system.

— Howlycoin.com


Our story begins at the end of 2015 with a Teamspeak-server that was once created just for friends. After a while, the server became more and more popular and also got its own small community. From this point we realized that there is more to this project. Since this realization we, the team always try to provide a harmonious and relaxed atmosphere on the server.

— wolfig.de